1. While I was on set for ‘Hear The Doors’, I couldn’t help but notice we were working very long days and shooting with a 5 year old as the main cast. With him being so young, he got tired very quickly and wasn’t performing correctly and was making the shoot harder and longer, so I decided to try and keep him amused and awake.

    For every different shot or so, I would draw a different face or picture on the back of the clapperboard. So it kept him eager to see what was next on the back of it. I had my shot log on the back so he couldn’t take a sneak peak. I would then reveal it to him once he had done a good take. Or, the other option was when he had to do a certain face within a shot or take, I would draw that face on the back for him to copy and remember so he could stay focused.

    This only lasted so long, but durung the time he first saw them, it worked really well.

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