1. Back on the belt and pouch setup. Chest pouch was ruining my posture. #cameratrainee

  2. I’d like to introduce to you all, A new member of the family. Hugo Henley. #blue #frenchie

  3. So I won the VQ Overall Learner of the Year 2014 tonight. Massive shock. All the Regionals definatly deserved it! #vqday

  4. Back on the Red Epic today for another shoot. Could really do with some rest…

  5. Paying our respects. #RIPSarah #SafteyForSarah


  6. Stunt Day!

    Going back a few months, I got put on a daily on a stunt day for a shoot in Manchester. Was really cool. We flipped a Police van over some traffic lights. I’d never done anything like it before so was really excited watching the whole process of shutting down the road, rigging the cameras in the Van, laying the lift off rail and watching the stunt co-ordinators do their thing.

    Afterwards we also did some follow up scenes of someone getting hit by a car and other stunt bits and bobs. Was awesome.